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Sculpted hand
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Sculpting a Hand

In this video, I use ZBrush and 8 cubes to create a hand. I begin by sculpting…

giraffe, lion, elephant
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African Charismatic Megafauna: Giraffe, Elephant, Lion

I created sculpts of three charismatic megafauna from Africa. Some subspecies of Giraffe are critically endangered in…

Old face
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Weathered Face

Based on a photo of a side view, I recreate an entire face in ZBrush. I begin…

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Skeleton part 1 – pelvis

I have begun a new series based on Gottfried Bammes anatomy drawings. The first of this series…

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The Dance pt. 2

Continuing my sculpt from April 2020, I develop the secondary forms and do some work on the…

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Creating with Blender

Here is a YouTube playlist containing some of my favourite Blender tutorials. These tutorials take you through…

The Dance part 1
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The Dance, part 1

I designed this basic sculpture consisting of primary forms in Silo, Blender, and ZBrush. I performed cloth…

Vertex reorder
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Vertex Reordering: Why is my morph broken?

Every vertex in a 3D mesh has an associated number. The order of the vertices is based…