The Dance part 1

The Dance, part 1

I designed this basic sculpture consisting of primary forms in Silo, Blender, and ZBrush. I performed cloth simulation in Blender, automatic rigging with Radiant Rig XL, used my Anim-mesh for the basemesh, modelled in Silo and sculpted in ZBrush. View all my digital products at

Primary forms in sculpture represent the overall gesture (pose) and proportions of the figures. The primary forms can make or break a model. At one point in the video, I look at the silhouette of the characters by switching to the Flat Color MatCap, giving me a better view of the primary forms. Once this stage is complete, the next step is to add smaller details (secondary and tertiary form).

Music “A New Orleans Crawfish Boil” by Unicorn Heads
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