Another sculpt in

Another sculpt in

Here is another sculpt stored in I used Decimation Master in ZBrush to reduce the file size and UV Master to preserve my colors. Using, the viewer can pitch, roll and zoom in on a 3d object. Click inside the dark rectangle above to see how it works.

Ecorche on Bammes Skeleton

I’ve added muscles to my Bammes skeleton based upon reference from Dr. Paul Richer and Scott Eaton.

Bammes Skeleton refined

I have further refined my Bammes skeleton with reference to male and female proportions. I used ZBrush’s extraction tool to create the ribs of the thorax (rib cage).

skeletonfleshAndBone01 fleshAndBone02

Treat ZBrush like clay

Using clay sculpting techniques for ZBrush

Start with a skull

Start with a skull

Cut in for lips

Cut in for lips

Add a clay ball to begin sculpting the nose.

Add a clay ball to begin sculpting the nose.

Add facial fat

Add malar fat and other fat pads to fill in the face.

Add cylinders for the eyelids

Add cylinders for the top eyelids

Add cylinders for the eyelids

Add cylinders for the bottom eyelids

smooth out

Smooth out the seams for the sculpture

Add zygmoatic major

Add zygomatic major

Refine the sculpture

Refine the sculpture

ZBrush Every Week Series: Week 8 1/2 New Ecorche

Having just created a new base mesh, I decided to fit the skull I created in week 1 inside my new base mesh. The faces are exaggerated female and male archetypes. Broad chin for the male more pointy in the female. I think I’m beginning to understand anatomy a bit better with all these practice sessions.

FemaleEcorcheFace_01 FemaleEcorcheFace_02 FemaleEcorcheFace_03MaleEcorcheFace_01 MaleEcorcheFace_02MaleEcorcheFace_03MaleEcorcheFaceSide_01MaleEcorcheFaceSide_02MaleEcorcheFaceSide_03

ZBrush Every Week Series: Week 8 Revised BaseMesh


I revised my basemesh using parts of my old basemesh and the head of the zbro bust basemesh 2. This base mesh contains various morphs to adjust its size and appearance. The primary purpose of this basemesh is to reduce development time for new sculpts.







ZBrush Every Week Series: Week 4 Female Torso

My Anatomy illustrations based on the drawings of Richer continues. I took what I learned from the male anatomy illustrations and applied it to female anatomy. Be aware these images are anatomically correct and may not be suitable for work.











ZBrush Every Week Series: Week 3 Torso

Continuing my Zbrush series based on the drawings of Dr. Richer. Dr Richer was a French anatomist, physiologist, sculptor and anatomical artist. Richer approached anatomy like a draftsman; he created drawings of top, side, and front views that can be used for developing 3d models. A great tool for  using with ZBrush! I began this sculpt with my Zbrush basemesh and used the image plane tool with the various views to get the finer detail. I also included the skull I sculpted earlier to ensure correct proportions.