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giraffe, lion, elephant
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African Charismatic Megafauna: Giraffe, Elephant, Lion

I created sculpts of three charismatic megafauna from Africa. Some subspecies of Giraffe are critically endangered in…

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Another sculpt in p3d.in

Here is another sculpt stored in p3d.in. I used Decimation Master in ZBrush to reduce the file…

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Bammes Skeleton refined

I have further refined my Bammes skeleton.

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Treat ZBrush like clay

Using clay sculpting techniques for ZBrush

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ZBrush Every Week Series: Week 8 1/2 New Ecorche

Having just created a new base mesh, I decided to fit the skull I created in week 1 of my Zbrush every week series inside my new base mesh.

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Old Sculpts Revisited

Just spent some time revising an old sculpt to increase the level or realism.

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ZBrush Every Week Series: Week 1 Skull

My New Year’s resolution is to sculpt something new at least once a week. I’ve started sculpting based on the drawings of Dr. Paul Richer (1849-1933).

Bernini's David from Wiki Commons
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My Nine Favorite Sculptors (Digital and Traditional)

Figurative art is all about observation. Looking at the work of other artists helps to improve an artist’s technique. These are the artists who inspire me to be better. I learn just by looking at their work and some of them have videos detailing their technique.