ZBrush Every Week Series: Week 8 1/2 New Ecorche

Having just created a new base mesh, I decided to fit the skull I created in week 1 inside my new base mesh. The faces are exaggerated female and male archetypes. Broad chin for the male more pointy in the female. I think I’m beginning to understand anatomy a bit better with all these practice sessions.

FemaleEcorcheFace_01 FemaleEcorcheFace_02 FemaleEcorcheFace_03MaleEcorcheFace_01 MaleEcorcheFace_02MaleEcorcheFace_03MaleEcorcheFaceSide_01MaleEcorcheFaceSide_02MaleEcorcheFaceSide_03

Author: Webmaster K