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Creating with Blender

Here is a YouTube playlist containing some of my favourite Blender tutorials. These tutorials take you through…

The Dance part 1
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The Dance, part 1

I designed this basic sculpture consisting of primary forms in Silo, Blender, and ZBrush. I performed cloth…

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RRXL 5.0

This is the newest incarnation of my auto-rig addon for Blender. Radiant Rig XL 5.0 instantly rigs…

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Building a Base Mesh pt7: putting it all together

Finally, I assemble the pieces I created in the previous 6 videos to build the base mesh….

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Radiant Rig 2.0.0

– Fixed heel calculation error
– Improved rigging proportions using Vitruvian Man proportions
– Improved finger rigging with new algorithm

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Radiant Rig Help

Radiant Rig is my implementation of the paper “Raycast based auto-rigging method for Humanoid meshes” by Romain Lopez (ESGI Paris) and Christophe Poirel (ESGI Paris).

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Get the most out of Blender

Rather than type out text tutorials, I thought I would collect links to some of the best video tutorials for Blender. Most of the tutorials give tips for rendering but the last tutorial shows how to use GoB, an unofficial GoZ for sending models between Blender and ZBrush.

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Turn ZBrush 3D Layers into Blender Shape Keys

In ZBrush tools can’t be retopologized without destroying existing 3D layers. In Blender, objects can be retopologized and existing Shape keys will be altered accordingly. The altered base object and its shape keys can then be reimported into ZBrush. The conversion is tedious work.