Get the most out of Blender

Rather than type out text tutorials, I thought I would collect links to some of the best video tutorials for Blender. Most of the tutorials give tips for rendering but the last tutorial shows how to use GoB, an unofficial GoZ for sending models between Blender and ZBrush.

LuxRender tutorials

  1. Introduction to LuxRender in Blender 2.5 from BlenderCookie (26:36 minutes)
    Basic setup information on LuxRender by Jonathan Williamsonluxrender_on_blendercookie

  2. Introduction to Lighting in Luxrender and Blender (9:07 minutes)
    Is your LuxRender a black screen? You may have the lights turned the wrong way. Avoid this with the help of Frederik Steinmetz

  3. The Secrets of Realistic Texturing in Blender (34:27)
    Although done in Cycles, the advice applies to other renderers. Make your renders look better with texture advice from Andrew Price.

Blender & ZBrush

  1. GoB Zbrush Import-Export for Blender (10:05 minutes)

Author: Webmaster K