Based on a photo of a side view, I recreate an entire face in ZBrush. I begin with symmetry and a basic skull shape to define the structure. I build this up with the clay and move brushes to get the silhouette of the photo. I fabricate the front view entirely from my imagination. The challenge is making it look realistic without exaggerating too much. I include the original image in the first few frames to show that the side view is a reproduction of a real person.

As with many of my portraits, this one uses DynaMesh to join together multiple shapes. A sphere for the nose, a pre-sculpted skull, pre-sculpted ears, pre-sculpted eyes, and a hemisphere for the torso. You can view the creation of the skull in one of my previous videos

Julien fisherman Nieuport 2004 by Stephan Vanfleteren

The Emperor’s Army by Jeremy Blake
Ditch Diggin’ by Jingle Punks

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