Based on a photo of a side view, I recreate an entire face in ZBrush. I begin with symmetry and a basic skull shape to define the structure. I build this up with the clay and move brushes to get the silhouette of the photo. I fabricate the front view entirely from my imagination. The challenge is making it look realistic without exaggerating too much. I include the original image in the first few frames to show that the side view is a reproduction of a real person.

As with many of my portraits, this one uses DynaMesh to join together multiple shapes. A sphere for the nose, a pre-sculpted skull, pre-sculpted ears, pre sculpted eyes, and a hemisphere for the torso. You can view the creation of the skull in one of my previous videos In the future, I could project my sculpt onto my Anim-mesh (available for sale on Gumroad to create a full figure.

Julien fisherman Nieuport 2004 by Stephan Vanfleteren

The Emperor’s Army by Jeremy Blake
Ditch Diggin’ by Jingle Punks

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