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Turn ZBrush 3D Layers into Blender Shape Keys

In ZBrush tools can’t be retopologized without destroying existing 3D layers. In Blender, objects can be retopologized and existing Shape keys will be altered accordingly. The altered base object and its shape keys can then be reimported into ZBrush. The conversion is tedious work.

Bernini's David from Wiki Commons
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My Nine Favorite Sculptors (Digital and Traditional)

Figurative art is all about observation. Looking at the work of other artists helps to improve an artist’s technique. These are the artists who inspire me to be better. I learn just by looking at their work and some of them have videos detailing their technique.

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To Model or Not To Model

To model from scratch or not. This question has caused great debate between modellers and Poser users.

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Same Base, Different Face

Here is a visual demonstration of what a good base mesh can be. All the faces in this article were built off the same base mesh, which can be downloaded at the end of this article.

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A Female Touch (September 2012)

Applying a female touch to my face anatomy studies.

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More ZBrush Heads (September 2012)

Practice sketches (maquettes) in Zbrush. Just testing my knowledge of Head anatomy. Many thanks to ZBrushworkshops.

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Base Mesh Camp for ZBrush 4

Topology matters.

When building 3d models I’ve seen time and time again that topology can affect how a model bends, how it looks in certain lighting and even how well it can be morphed.

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Zbrush Heads

In recent months I’ve been making an effort to improve my sculpting skills in Zbrush. Here are are some heads I made with ZBrush based upon the great teaching of Ryan Kingslien at Zbrushworkshops.

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