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Same Base, Different Face

Here is a visual demonstration of what a good base mesh can be. All the faces in this article were built off the same base mesh, which can be downloaded at the end of this article.

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Making All Quad Meshes

Quad meshes are ideal for digital sculpting and 3d animation. Sculpting on a mesh with a mixture of quads and non quads can result in pinching and sharp angles in unwanted areas. Here I present some cases where polygons can be converted into quads.

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A Female Touch (September 2012)

Applying a female touch to my face anatomy studies.

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Blender with BSurfaces: My Dream 3D app come true?

What is so great about BSurfaces? Put simply, BSurfaces allows an artist to create an intricate surface with just a few hand drawn lines…

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Base Mesh Camp for ZBrush 4

Topology matters.

When building 3d models I’ve seen time and time again that topology can affect how a model bends, how it looks in certain lighting and even how well it can be morphed.

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Zbrush Heads

In recent months I’ve been making an effort to improve my sculpting skills in Zbrush. Here are are some heads I made with ZBrush based upon the great teaching of Ryan Kingslien at Zbrushworkshops.

To view more heads…

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ZBrush 4R2 – DynaMesh: Bye bye manual retopology?

DynaMesh is a new feature Of ZBrush 4 release 2 that allows the user to add to a mesh while at the same time maintaining an evenly distributed topology! What is even better about DynaMesh is that the new topology is mostly made of quads, making it easier to sculpt in ZBrush and animate in other 3D apps.

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Use ZSpheres with any mesh!

ZSpheres give artists the flexibility to create while at the same time maintaining excellent edge flow. Edge flow may not matter for a static sculpt but it can have a huge impact on animating a rigged model.