Use ZSpheres with any mesh!

ZSpheres give artists the flexibility to create while at the same time maintaining excellent edge flow. Edge flow may not matter for a static sculpt but it can have a huge impact on animating a rigged model. Having edges follow the form of a muscle in a 3D sculpt improves the realism and appearance of the figure during animation. Here is a method of turning any mesh into a ZSphere editable mesh. Please note, this works best with a mesh containing few edges that can be subdivided into a more complex mesh.

1) Import your mesh into ZBrush
2) Select ZSphere from the tool palette, draw it on the canvas and select edit mode (Type ‘T’).
3) Use the Rigging palette to select the mesh you just imported.
4) Use the Topology palette to Select the mesh again.
5) Click on Edit Topology in the Topology palette


You should now see your imported mesh as a terracotta red with yellow lines for the mesh edges. At this point you can modify your mesh, increase the subdivision level or add extra polygons as you see fit using the standard ZSphere tools.

Author: Webmaster K