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Simple Camera Control in Blender 2.5

A simple method for controlling a camera in blender.

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From Daz Studio to Blender 2.5

There are two methods to send Daz figures from Daz Studio to Blender 2.5. Which method to use depends on the final purpose of the transfer, animation in Blender or static illustration in Blender. These methods work in both Daz Studio 3 and the newer Daz Studio 4. They won’t work in versions of Blender prior to 2.5. I use Blender 2.58 at the time of this writing. With both methods you will have to fix the file to show textures in Blender.

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Learning ZBrush 4 – Morphs

This article will focus on morph creation in ZBrush from an existing model. For my examples I will be using Daz Models Victoria 4 and Michael 4.

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Learning ZBrush 4 – Clearing the confusion

When I first used ZBrush, I found many things confusing. ZBrush doesn’t quite operate the same way as other 3D applications. Its a cross between a painting program and a 3D modeling program hence the name ZBrush; “Z” for depth and brush for painting. This series begins with things that might confuse the new user in the hope of clearing the confusion. I’ll try to avoid more advanced terminology until later in the series. Some of these tips will make more sense in my next article when we actually begin sculpting. I still think its important to keep these tips in mind before you begin.

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Fixing Morphs with UVMapper Pro

In a previous post I mentioned that vertex order was critical for creating successful morphs in Poser. Many 3d programs do not preserve vertex order leading to the garbled mess pictured above. There is a method for correcting errors like this using a program called UVMapper Professional.

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From Poser to DazStudio: Displacement Maps

Displacement Maps add additional detail to a 3d digital object that is too difficult or time-consuming to sculpt. I have constructed a brief tutorial explaining how to get Poser style displacement maps to work with DazStudio. The product used in this example is my popular Wondrous Winter collection available under freebies.

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Plains of Africa

An image I made recently using Vue 7 Infinite. This image is a bit of stereotype complete with elephants and acacia tree but I was trying to create a calming wildlife poster. Click on the image to see a larger version. The final image is actually 72 in x 14.4 in.

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5 More Tips for Making Poser Clothes

…Or 5 More Things I wish I knew before wasting many hours doing the wrong things modeling Poser Clothes!

  1. Don’t use triangles in your mesh.
  2. Keep your meshes as straight as possible.
  3. Group your meshes as you model them.
  4. Use Multiple Threads in Poser for your renders.
  5. Be careful of exploding Morphs!

Continuing in the tradition of 10 tips for making poser clothes, here are 5 more helpful tips. There is some math involved but don’t worry, you won’t have to do any calculations!