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10 Tips for Making Poser Clothes

…Or 10 Things I wish I knew before wasting many hours doing the wrong things modeling Poser Clothes!

  1. Back-up Everything you create.
  2. There is an easy way to make MAT Poses.
  3. Remove IK (Inverse Kinematics) Chains from your clothes.
  4. Use Morph Manager.
  5. The Hierarchy Editor is your friend.
  6. Don’t fear the Set-Up Room.
  7. Joint Parameters are important.
  8. Make your model at actual size.
  9. UV maps will save you time.
  10. Learn to use Python.

Follow these tips and you will save yourself a great deal of time. Below is a more detailed breakdown of what each of these things mean.

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Mighty Morphin’ Mac

When I first started creating my own 3-D Models, I found the most popular online resources — Morph Manager, UV Mapper Pro, and Cr2Editor — are all PC-Only. With patience and perseverance I discovered some alternatives to these programs that work on the Mac!

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Tech Bad

Right now, a 3D Model can be designed on computer and then turned into a physical sculpture using so-called “3D Printers”. This technology is far too expensive for large-scale applications. With improvements however, I foresee that a plan drawn on computer could be “printed” without the use of construction workers. More jobs lost.