Fixing Morphs with UVMapper Pro

In a previous post I mentioned that vertex order was critical for creating successful morphs in Poser. Many 3d programs do not preserve vertex order leading to the garbled mess pictured above. There is a method for correcting errors like this using a program called UVMapper Professional.

In order for this to work you must keep a copy of both the original 3d object and the morphed version of the object. Additionally you cannot add any new vertexes or edges to the morph; it must have exactly the same number of vertexes as the original object.

  1. In UV Mapper Pro load your morphed object.
  2. Select Tools->Vertices->Reorder. In the file manager select the original object. Your morphed object will turn into a garbled mess if you are successful. If you are not successful you will need to create your morph from scratch. Problems are usually caused by having deleted or created vertices in your morph. Even adding back vertices after deleting them may result in a bad outcome. Be very careful when creating your morph.

  3. Save the new morph.
  4. Load the new morph into Poser. Voilà! You have changed your garbled morph into a proper morph.
Author: Webmaster K