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In Memoriam

This is a portrait of the late Christopher Reeve based on side view done in ZBrush. The basemesh is cut-out from my Anim-Mesh 3.0 available at I saw “Superman the Movie” in the theatre as a kid and for me Reeve’s version Superman is still the definitive one.

Music is “We Lucky Few” by Hainbach

Portrait from side view

This is a portrait of Gal Gadot based on side view done in ZBrush. The basemesh is cut-out from my Anim-Mesh 3.0 available at Eyelash brush is available for free here

Music is Sound of Aging by Max McFerren

Building a Base Mesh pt7: putting it all together

Finally, I assemble the pieces I created in the previous 6 videos to build the base mesh. The base mesh is based on the 8-head high figure contained in the Andrew Loomis book “Figure Drawing for All It’s worth”.

Building in Base mesh pt 6: Box-modelling ears in Silo

The most complicated part of the base mesh.

Building a Base mesh pt 5: Box-modelling a torso in Silo

Creating a torso by extending a box.

Building in a Base mesh pt 4: Box-modelling eye lids in Silo

Creating eyelids from cylinders.

Building a Base Mesh pt 3: Box-modelling a foot in Silo

Part three of Building a base mesh series. I use two boxes to model a foot and then layout UVs. Take notice that I make sure my foot has an octogon (8-sided polygon) at the top. This will be important when I put the pieces together.

Building a Base Mesh pt 2: Box-modelling a face in Silo

Part two of building a base mesh. Here I create the face for the base mesh. This is the second most difficult part of the series. I designed an edge loop plan using ZBrush on a 3D scan of a real face. I then used that plan to develop the base mesh face. The edge loops are meant to mimic the muscle structure of a human face. My goal was to minimize the polygons used while still capturing the directionality of the orbicularis oculi (eye muscles), orbicularis oris (mouth muscles) and the zygomatic muscles (smiling muscles).

You can download the plans on this page.

Download Edge Plan