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Building in a Base mesh pt 4: Box-modelling eye lids in Silo

Creating eyelids from cylinders. 

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Building a Base Mesh pt 3: Box-modelling a foot in Silo

Part three of Building a base mesh series. I use two boxes to model a foot and…

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Building a Base Mesh pt 2: Box-modelling a face in Silo

Part two of building a base mesh. Here I create the face for the base mesh. This…

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Building a Base Mesh pt 1: Box-modelling a hand in Silo

Happy New Year! I am beginning a new series where I show how to build a base…

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Five Tips for a general purpose 3D workstation

I’ve developed 3D content for a few years and have gained some insights in working with the hardware. Most…

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A sculptural approach to drawing

“Line is an artistic invention. It does not exist in nature

Chiaroscuro, the drawing method I will teach you to use in this book provides an alternative, and more convincing, way to give the illusion of three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface.”

The artist’s complete guide to drawing the head by William L. Maughan, p. 22

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The A-B-C’s of Artistic Anatomy: 10 Great resources for learning

In studying anatomy, one resource is never sufficient. Every teacher, author and software developer has a different…

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Another sculpt in

Here is another sculpt stored in I used Decimation Master in ZBrush to reduce the file…