Ghana not Guinea not Guyana


This article was created to clear up a frequent misconception.

Ghana is not Guyana. Ghana gained its independence under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah (Osagyefo) in 1957. Guyana is a country in South America that became independent in 1966. Ghana is in Africa.

Ghana is not Guinea. Although both countries are in Africa, Guinea is a former French colony located 979.32 km (608.52 miles) northwest of Ghana. Ghana is a former British colony.

Ghana is not Equatorial Guinea. That is a third country in Africa.

Ghana is not Guinea-Bissau. That is a fourth country in Africa.

Ghana is not French Guiana. That is a second country in South America.

Ghana is not Uganda. Uganda is an African country 3765.52 km (2339.79 miles) southeast of Ghana.

Ghana is not Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea is part of the island of New Guinea northeast of Australia.

Finally Australia is not Austria. Austria is a country in Europe. Australia is a continent and a country. Hope that clears things up.

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