Delete Reappearing Trash on Mac OS X 10.5

“The Trash came back the very next day…”

Have you ever had the problem of trash that just won’t disappear?

You’ve tried empty trash. NO GO!
You’ve tried secure empty trash. STILL NO GO!
You’ve tried rm -rf. STILL HERE!
You’ve tried sudo rm -rf. FAILED AGAIN!


Calm down.

It is probably caused by an extra drive on your mac. Either an external hard drive or a drive partition. Instead of wasting hours (as I did) trying to fix this, do the following:

  1.  Copy all important files from your extra drive to your main drive.
  2. Reformat your extra drive.
  3. Copy important files back.

This seems like a serious bug for the mac. Hopefully Apple will address it soon.

Author: Webmaster K