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Page updated September 9, 2019

Version 5.0.5 for 2.81 removed depsgraph
Version 5.0.4 fixed depsgraph error
Version 5.0.3: Fixed constraint error for Blender 2.80 cc5bdf029324
Version 5.0.2: Support for Blender 2.80. Update for Blender 2.80 for Windows users.
Version 5.0.1: Speed improvements, better fitting and greater accuracy.

This addon is compatible with Blender 2.79 and Blender 2.80. All previous buyers can download both versions from their Gumroad account.

See SHA256 checksums for all versions here

Features XL
One-click auto-rigging Yes
Increased speed Yes
Better accuracy Yes
Keep your mesh private – Local processing Yes
Support for Rigify rigs Yes
Support for Pitchipoy’s version of Rigify Yes
One-click Bone selection for fingers, hands and limbs Yes
Mirror Symmetry functions (left to right and right to left) Yes
Curl fingers functions Yes
Straighten fingers function Yes
Improved hand rigging with user input Yes
Support for Blender 2.80 Yes


This blender addon is loosely based on the short academic paper “Raycast based auto-rigging method for humanoid meshes” by Romain Lopez (ESGI Paris) and Christophe Poirel (ESGI Paris). Radiant Rig XL 5.0 is the latest version of Radiant Rig. This script requires Blender 2.79 or Blender 2.80. You must have Rigify installed and activated in order to use this addon. Radiant Rig automatically creates a human meta-rig sized to fit the selected figure. This script works best with figures with tight clothing. The “Split Mesh” feature will assist with rigging clothed figures. The script rigs the mesh within 10 seconds to 2 minutes for most figures I’ve tested. With Blender 2.79, Pitchi Poy’s version of Rigify has been merged with the old Rigify so there is no longer a need to install it separately. I have also added controls to select individual fingers for improved rigging.


Based on my tests and other users feedback, this addon is processor intensive. You will need at least a 2-core processor and 4 GB of RAM for reasonable execution time. 4-cores or higher would be better. 8 GB of RAM or higher would be better.

This script works best with solid meshes in A-Pose that have space between the legs and fingers naturally bent. There should be space in between the fingers for better detection. The figure should be standing up not laying on the ground. All modifiers should be applied before execution. The figure should be facing front. The addon works best on hollow symmetrical meshes.

The figure must have one main body part with limbs and head connected. The interior must be smooth. Thin clothing is fine but thick clothing should be a separate mesh parented to the main mesh. Radiant Rig is blind. Radiant Rig works best with completely hollow meshes having no breaks between parts. Results may vary depending on the mesh you use.

Purchase Radiant Rig XL 5.0.1

Instructions for installing and using Radiant Rig XL are available here
To convert a Rigify Rig to a Unity Rig, download Rigify to Unity

Personal message

This addon represents hundreds of hours of development time. I ask that you do not re-distribute it. The only officially supported version is the one purchased from Gumroad. I will deliver all software updates through Gumroad. If you obtained it from another source, others might have altered it. I will not support altered versions of the software.

Make sure that what you downloaded is the real version by checking the shasum in the terminal.

Mac in terminal: shasum -a 256 /path/to/file
Ubuntu in terminal: sha256sum /path/to/file
Windows in Powershell: Get-Filehash -path c:\path\to\file -algorithm SHA256 | fl

Shasum 256 for radiant_rig_xl_5.0.1.279.zip:
Shasum 256 for radiant_rig_xl_5.0.2.280.zip:

See SHA256 checksums for all versions here

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