Ecorche on Bammes Skeleton

Ecorche on Bammes Skeleton

I’ve added muscles to my Bammes skeleton based upon reference from Dr. Paul Richer and Scott Eaton.

Bammes Skeleton refined

I have further refined my Bammes skeleton with reference to male and female proportions. I used ZBrush’s extraction tool to create the ribs of the thorax (rib cage).

skeletonfleshAndBone01 fleshAndBone02

Bammes Skeleton

After taking the excellent human anatomy courses by Scott Eaton (July-August 2015), I decided to investigate further one of his favorite artists: Gottfried Bammes (1920-2007). Bammes was a professor of art at the Dresden Academy of Fine Art and is most well know for his anatomy books in particular Die Gestalt des Menschen (The Form of Man). He shows how to construct the skeleton and muscles from basic shapes. I attempted to mimic Bammes method in the embedded video using my 3D software ZBrush and Silo.