Radiant Rig XL is loosely based on “Raycast based auto-rigging method for Humanoid meshes” by Romain Lopez (ESGI Paris) and Christophe Poirel (ESGI Paris). It works only in Blender 2.79. Radiant Rig XL depends upon Rigify. Radiant Rig XL automatically creates a human meta-rig sized to fit the selected figure. Purchase Radiant Rig XL here.

Best Results

Make certain the clothing mesh is separate from the main figure mesh and is parented to it for best results. Make certain your meshes silhouette is similar to those below:

Good Results: Hands flat, T-Pose, space between fingers and more space between limbs.

Best results: Fingers bent, A-Pose, space between fingers and limbs.


Rigify comes pre-installed in Blender. It needs to be activated in order for it to work with Radiant Rig XL.

1) Go into User Preferences (Windows CTRL+ALT+U or Macintosh CMD+,)

2) Click on “Addons” and search for “Rigging: Rigify”. Make certain there is a checkmark beside Rigify.

3) Deactivate and remove any previous version of Radiant Rig XL if you have it installed. Older versions will interfere with the newer ones.

4) Click on “Install from file” and select the downloaded Radiant Rig Zip XL file.

5) Click on the box beside “Rigging: Radiant Rig XL” to active Radiant Rig XL.

5) Click on “Save User Settings”.


1) Radiant Rig XL for Blender 2.79 appears in the Tool Pane on the left. Press ‘T’ if it is not present.  Load your figure into Blender.

Radiant Rig XL for Blender 2.80 appears in the tool shelf on the right. Press ‘N’ if it is not present. Load your figure into Blender.

2) Make sure clothing is a separate mesh and is attached as a child of the main figure. Select the figure first and the clothing second then hit CTRL-P. Alternatively, drag the clothing onto the figure in the Outliner panel to the far right.

3) Check for good spacing between the limbs and fingers of your figure by switching to wireframe mode.

4) Click “Generate Auto-Rig”.

5) Once rig calculation is complete, a new rig based on the Human Meta-Rig will be generated. Click on “Use ADVANCED” to open up more options for adjusting the rig.