Radiant Rig XL Help

Radiant Rig XL is loosely based on “Raycast based auto-rigging method for Humanoid meshes” by Romain Lopez (ESGI Paris) and Christophe Poirel (ESGI Paris). It works only in Blender 2.7.6 and above. Radiant Rig XL depends upon Rigify. This script also works with Pitchipoy’s version of rigify but please only have one active version of Rigify in your blender install. Radiant Rig XL automatically creates a human meta-rig sized to fit the selected figure. Download Radiant Rig XL here.


Rigify comes pre-installed in Blender. It needs to be activated in order for it to work with Radiant Rig.

1) Go into User Preferences (Windows CTRL+ALT+U or Macintosh CMD+,)


2) Click on “Addons” and search for “Rigging: Rigify”. Make certain there is a checkmark beside Rigify.


3) Click on “Install from file” and select the downloaded Radiant Rig Zip XL file.



4) Click on the box beside “Rigging: Radiant Rig XL” to active Radiant Rig XL.


5) Click on “Save User Settings”.



1) Radiant Rig XL appears in the Tool Pane on the left. Load your figure into Blender.


2) Check for good spacing between the limbs and fingers of your figure by switching to wireframe mode.


3) Click “Generate Auto-Rig”.


4) Once rig calculation is complete, a new rig based on the Human Meta-Rig will be generated. Click on “Use ADVANCED”
to open up more options.


5) Use the selection buttons to zoom-in on one hand and view the fingers. In this case click “R Hand” and press period “.”
on the number pad.


6) Straighten the fingers by clicking on “Straighten Fingers”.


7) The fingers should now be straight. Use the symmetry buttons to transfer to the other side, in this case “Sym R -> L”.
You can also click “Curl Fingers” to better fit the curvature of the hand.



Fixes for common problems

Fingers messed up

Click “Use Advanced”. Before clicking “Generate Auto-rig” click either “Hands Side” for hands at the figures side or
“Palms Out” for palms facing the viewer. If neither applies leave as “Automated”.

In addition, adjusting “Finger find sensitivity” can fix some of these issues.



Ensure good calculation

Split the mesh to prevent clothing meshes from interfering with the calculations.